Electric Car Jack/Wrench and Portable Air pump Car Emergency Kit

electric jack...... electric wrench....

Don’t get stranded trying to change a flat tire with a manual jack. This Car emergency kit is an excellent tool designed to help you change flat tires quickly and easily, and is powered by your car’s cigarette lighter.


You will be glad you made the investment purchasing this innovative device the first time you have to change a flat tire.

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  1. Car Jack safely lifts and lowers loads at the touch of a button and has 2-tons lift capability.
  2. Convenient for ladies, seniors, teens or folks with mobility impairments and even men.
  3. It is lightweight, doesn’t weigh a ton and the saddle is made of high strength material, tough and anti-slip that protects the car from damaging.
  4. The Portable Air Pump can commonly pump the tire to normal pressure in 2 to 3 minutes, simply use the car cigarette lighter power for fast filling.
  5. The barometer for the Portable Air Pump can measure and display the pressure accurately.


N 38, 000  N 35,000 (Payment on Delivery Available)

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How to use Electric car jack and wrench 

  1. Plug the jack to the 12 volt socket provided in the car
  2. Place the jack under the car, where the car jack is to be mounted (please check the car manual for the exact place for placing the car jack)
  3. Switch on the car
  4. Start the UP button for increasing the height
  5. After the sufficient height is achieved, remove the tyre
  6. Replace the tyre with the new one
  7. Use the LOWER ARROW button to reduce the car height
  8. Let the jack get unscrewed, till it stops rotating and stops automatically
  9. Unplug jack from 12 volts car plug from the car

Precautions during usage

  1. Start the engine before operating the impact wrench
  2. Do not use the impact wrench continuously for more than 10 minutes
  3. Ensure that the correct socket is attached to the wrench head when loosening the wheel nuts
  4. Do not over tighten the wheel nuts
  5. Always keep the children away from the working area

How to use Portable Air Pump

  1. To achieve optimal performance when operating the air compressor, your vehicle’s engine should be running
  2. Plug the compressor’s power cord into the cigarette lighter socket or the battery of your vehicle. Screw the air hose‘s brass valve tip directly onto the tyre’s air valve.
  3. Turn the compressor ON – begin to inflate the tyre
  4. When pressure gauge reaches the desired pressure (normal tyre pressure is 28-35psi), switch the unit OFF and remove the air hose from the valve.

Precautions during usage

  1. Allow sufficient cooling time before storing
  2. No oiling is required as all parts are lifetime lubricated
  3. To avoid exhausting the car battery, please have the engine running while using the air compressor
  4. Please ensure that the power switch is in the OFF position when not in use

For All Other Inflatable Objects Including Bicycles tyres, Rafts, Air Beds, and Sport Balls

  1. Start your vehicle‘s engine, then plug the compressor‘s power cord into the cigarette lighter or the battery
  2. Nozzles are provided to fit the inflatable objects. Simply screw the appropriate nozzle into the brass tip of the air hose.
  3. Attach the appropriate nozzle to the inflatable object and turn the compressor on. Turn the compressor off when the object is inflated to the desired firmness or pressure.


N 38, 000  N 35,000 (Payment on Delivery Available)

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